Powerful Local Web Server For MacOS

PhpWebStudy supports a wide range of technologies essential for web development. It includes PHP, MySQL, NGINX, Apache, MariaDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Memcached, Redis, and Pure-FTP, ensuring compatibility with most web applications and frameworks.


PhpWebStudy, Powerful Local Web Server For MacOS


One-stop management of software commonly used in development

php, mysql, mariadb, mongodb, postgresql, nginx, apache, memcached, redis, nodejs multi-version coexistence, one-click installation, according to the need, choose the corresponding version for development, configuration file and log quick view and modification, one-stop management, save time, save life, more software support coming soon


A variety of useful tools to enhance the development experience

  • System Hosts file quick view and edit
  • Select or drag and drop folders to quickly create static sites
  • Quickly generate self-signed SSL certificates to access sites using https
  • File information preview, view file size, creation and modification time, md5, sha, sha256 and other information
  • Timestamp and time conversion to each other
  • Port Occupancy Find and Cleanup
  • Process search and cleanup
  • More tools are being added...
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Application Interface

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