PHP Extensions-pdo_sqlsrv

1. pdo_sqlsrv extension: php pdo_sqlsrv extension, allows php programs to connect to Microsoft SQL Server databases, read and write data

2. The pdo_sqlsrv extension is PHP version specific, for php versions less than 7.0, the pdo_sqlsrv extension uses version 3.0.1, for php7.0-php7.2, the pdo_sqlsrv extension uses version 4.3.0, for php versions greater than 7.2, the pdo_sqlsrv extension uses version 5.10.1

3. If not installed, click Operation->Install to install the pdo_sqlsrv extension

4. After installation, you can click Operation->Copy Link, copy the extension link code and paste it into the PHP configuration file to use the pdo_sqlsrv extension

5. After changing the PHP configuration file, remember to click Restart or Reload Configuration in the Services section to make the configuration take effect