Homebrew installation of disabled software

When installing software with homebrew, some software will indicate that it has been disabled, for example xxxx has been disabled because it is not supported upstream!

or xxxx has been disabled because it is a versioned formula

This kind of normal is not installable, here is how to install this kind of disabled software

1. disable homebrew's check update 'export HOMEBREW_NO_INSTALL_FROM_API=1', otherwise the installation will overwrite the file edited below

2. Manually change the repository file 'brew edit xxxx', which will automatically edit the repository file using vim

3. Find 'keg_only :versioned_formula', add # in front of it, comment out the line

4. find 'disable! date: "xxxx", because: xxxx', add # before it, comment out this line

5. ':wq' Save and exit edit

6. 'brew install xxxx' to install

7. Some software may no longer have pre-built packages, try using 'brew install xxxx --verbose --build-from-source' to compile and install from source