PHP Extensions-redis

1. redis extensions: Redis is an open source (BSD license), in-memory storage data structure server that can be used as a database, cache and message queue proxy. It supports string, hash table, list, collection, ordered collection, bitmap, hyperlogloglogs and other data types. Built-in replication, Lua scripting, LRU retrieval, transactions, and different levels of disk persistence are provided along with high availability through Redis Sentinel and automatic partitioning through Redis Cluster.

2. The redis extension is PHP version specific, for php versions less than 7.0, redis uses version 4.3.0, for php versions greater than or equal to 7.0, redis uses version 5.3.7

3. If not installed, click Operation->Install to install the redis extension

4. After installation, you can click Operation->Copy Link, copy the extension link code and paste it into the PHP configuration file to use the redis extension

5. After changing the PHP configuration file, remember to click Restart or Reload Configuration in the Services section to make the configuration take effect